April 2010

The Unpredictability of Plants

April 27, 2010

Yesterday my friend and I took our kids to pick strawberries. As we wrestled them out of the car, they looked around, wide-eyed. They could tell there was something exciting about to happen, but had no previous experience as to what it might be. The proprietor asked them enthusiastically, “Are you ready to pick strawberries? You […]

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Not Old, Really, Really Old

April 22, 2010

Qing Cheng Mountain, about 40 miles west of Chengdu, China, stands as one of the ancient cradles of Taoism for the world. It’s green, tranquil, and kind of exhausting to climb. In 2005, I took this picture on my trek to the summit. You’re probably thinking, “OK, it’s a tree. Big deal.” But that tree is symbolically a […]

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Diving Back into the Swamp!

April 12, 2010

This article reviews a survey of physicians, most of whom are in the UK, about their perception of their own understanding and attitudes about herbs. Try not to be too shocked here, but generally, they don’t like herbs, they don’t know anything about herbs, and most of all, they don’t want their patients taking herbs. […]

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Herbalogic at SXSW

April 1, 2010

Not only do we, the Herbalogic team, love a party, but the city of Austin loves parties. A few weeks ago Austin hosted a 10 day party known as South by Southwest- abbreviated SXSW and referred to as “South-by” to those in the know. And Herbalogic showed up a few places, including about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into […]

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