July 2010

Endangered Herbs

July 29, 2010

When I was in China in 2005, the topic of using endangered species, particularly animals, met with seriousness. The photo here is one that I took of the signage at the herb market in Chengdu. Although some of the more jaded Americans I talked to claimed that such signs were merely for show, I also […]

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Vampires & Other Parasites Beware

July 27, 2010

The other day a mommy friend of mine called me freaking out. She had received one of those emails that, while inevitable when you send your kid to daycare, still makes that primordial part of your brain go, “Eeeewwww!” The email subject line said simply, “****pinworm alert****”. Basically, one of the other kids at the […]

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Packaging- It’s More Than Marketing

July 20, 2010

Austin, Texas is currently swept up in the backyard chicken craze. Experts on the practice tout the benefits of fresh eggs and a reduction of table scraps in the land fills. I am told that chickens particularly love watermelon rinds. Even my son’s wonderful pre-school has a flock of egg producing hens and one lone […]

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Go Gravity!

July 13, 2010

As moderator of this blog, I get the privilege of sorting through real comments versus spam comments. The spam filter mostly does a great job, but periodically a few slip through. Usually I can tell immediately what is spam versus what is real because the authors of spam typically link to websites offering me a hot […]

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Peak Power Is Cool

July 8, 2010

Parent Wise: Austin featured a wonderfully favorable review of Peak Power in this month’s edition (it’s on page 12 if you are interested in reading the print edition). My personal favorite part of the review: “Coffee was her trusty crutch, but not altogether reliable, what with the super-ups and super-downs. So when we foisted Herbalogic’s […]

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Would I Trade My Kid for a Cup of Coffee?

July 5, 2010

Quite without intent, it seems I have become a connoisseur of blogs, especially those on the topic of herbs and alternative health care. I guess it goes with the territory. For most blogs about Traditional Chinese Herbal therapy (TCH) the intended audience are acupuncture and herbal practitioners. I’m not going to sugar coat it here, most of […]

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