Back in Action: Herbs for Muscle Pain



This formula was developed by Shaolin monks to heal wounds received during fighting or heavy martial arts training.

Use to treat pain due to trauma or injury and chronic muscle or connective tissue pain due to old injuries. Take before and after deep tissue massage, especially when massage is indicated due to injury.

Back in Action may be used in cases of:

  • muscle or soft tissue pain
  • bone injury pain
  • osteoarthritis pain
  • chronic muscle or connective tissue pain due to old injury
  • delayed onset muscle soreness–both acute and preventative
  • tendonitis or damaged ligaments

More information about the herbs for muscle pain in Back in Action, including indications, contraindications, and formula ingredients, is available on the instructions page of the Herbalogic website.


Chinese Angelica Root Dang Gui /  Atractylodes Rhizome Bai Zhu / Szechuan Lovage Root    Chuan Xiong / Mulberry Twig    Sang Zhi / Astragalus Root    Huang Qi / Garden Balsam    Tou Gu Cao / Sappan Wood    Su Mu / Costus Root    Mu Xiang / Peach Kernel    Tao Ren / Red Peony Root    Chi Shao / Chinese Quince Fruit    Mu Gua / Frankincense    Ru Xiang / Myrrh    Mo Yao / Japanese Teasel Root    Xu Duan / Angelica Root    Bai Zhi / Pseudostellaria    Tai Zi Shen / Corydalis Rhizome    Yan Hu Sou / Psoralea Fruit    Bu Gu Zhi / Cinnamon Twig    Gui Zhi / Turmeric Tuber    Yu Jin / Deer Antler    Lu Jiao Jiao/ Lu Jiao Shuang