Herbalogic in the News

Peak Power Is Cool

July 8, 2010

Parent Wise: Austin featured a wonderfully favorable review of Peak Power in this month’s edition (it’s on page 12 if you are interested in reading the print edition). My personal favorite part of the review: “Coffee was her trusty crutch, but not altogether reliable, what with the super-ups and super-downs. So when we foisted Herbalogic’s […]

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We aren’t just cool, we’re glossy!

May 7, 2010

Having been living in the House of Plague since Monday, I’ve been a little out of it. So it was with a bit of confusion this morning that I found out the Austin American Statesman ran a piece about Herbalogic in the Glossy. The conversation went something like this: Rachel: Congratulations!! You look so awesome! […]

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More Wheatsville Love!!

May 1, 2010

I was so happily surprised when I hit page 8 of the current Wheatsville Breeze and discovered Herbalogic Peak Power featured in the healthy biking picks! The Herbalogic team members love biking (though some of us are more fearless amongst the car traffic than others) and any time we are associated with positive biking messages […]

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Herbalogic at SXSW

April 1, 2010

Not only do we, the Herbalogic team, love a party, but the city of Austin loves parties. A few weeks ago Austin hosted a 10 day party known as South by Southwest- abbreviated SXSW and referred to as “South-by” to those in the know. And Herbalogic showed up a few places, including about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into […]

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It Never Gets Old!

March 12, 2010

When I read articles like this one on Goodkin by Adrienne Breaux, it makes me remember why I got into this business. It really does make my heart do a little dance to know that someone out there has come to feel better because of a product I had a hand in. My personal favorite […]

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