Clearing Toxic Assets from Your Portfolio

by Jeanine Adinaro on August 3, 2010

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Is this hanging on your metaphorical tree?

In the summer I find it entirely too hot to run outside, and so confine my training activities to the treadmill at the gym. Lately I have been going in the mornings, and have noticed that one of the many televisions intended to distract me from the unsatisfying pursuit of what is essentially running in place has been consistently showing infomercials for health related products. Some of these I find inspiring- like the set of DVDs that promise I will have Marine worthy abs in only 90 days. Some of these I find intriguing- could making my own juice everyday really change my life or just blow my grocery budget? And some of these I find just plain silly- really, that special devise/ colon cleanse/ air filter will rid my body of 35 years of accumulated toxins in a matter of weeks?

I once had an acupuncture patient, a real estate agent, who came to see me weekly for his nasal allergies. Over the course of treatment, his symptoms were improving- that pesky chronic sinus infection finally cleared up and his daily symptoms were lessened- but they just weren’t completely resolving. One day Real Estate Dude asked me about some special foot patches he had seen on late night TV that were supposed to rid your body of toxins overnight, while you sleep, that would miraculously cure your health complaints. He wanted to know if I had any opinion on this topic.

I told Real Estate Dude quite honestly I suspect that yes, there are lot of things in our daily environment that crud up our bodies- air pollution, water pollution, and so on- and then our bodies don’t function optimally. And probably there is some scientific validity to the idea that those toxins can be encouraged to leave the body through the soles of the feet. After all, the pores on our skin will release all sorts of stuff with sweat and the soles of the feet have tremendous ability to sweat.

But then I went on to suggest that perhaps low-hanging fruit are the way to go. I said something to the effect of, “Real Estate Dude, if you really want to cut down the toxins in your body, how about you start by quitting your two-pack a day [cigarette] habit? Not only will you save yourself the $50 a month for the foot patches, but think of how much you will save for not buying smokes!” Ultimately he was unmoved by logic. And sadly, my logic was a bit too blunt and he stopped coming to see me for acupuncture not too long after that conversation. Possibly not the best business move on my part.

While this is a terribly obvious example, more subtle examples pop up in my conversations with patients and herb customers all the time. For example, in Texas many people suffer nasal allergies caused by trees, pollen and especially mold. Despite being a basically dry climate, mold allergies plague a huge part of the population because of our amazing climate control technology. Frustrated with decongestants, antihistamines and inhaled corticoid steroids, people often turn to alternatives like acupuncture our herbs like our Easy Breather product. But whenever someone asks me if I think herbs or acupuncture might help their mold allergies, the first question I ask is, “When was the last time the filter on your HVAC system changed?” I had a woman recently answer that question, “Ummm, I think about 8 years ago.” I sent her home with the name and number of a good HVAC service company and told her to call me after they were done working. I saw her a month later and her mold allergies were remarkably improved. Hmmm….

The human body is remarkable in its ability to self-heal, given the chance. I would encourage everyone, myself included, that if you notice that maybe your body is not quite performing in a way you consider optimal, then think about simple ways to reduce the toxins in your life. Whether this be by reducing your exposure to those nasty chemicals you use when stripping wood floors or eliminating toxic people from your life, give your body a fighting chance. If that doesn’t work, then maybe think about magic socks.

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