Easy Breather: Herbs for Nose & Sinus Health



We’ve updated a simple formula herbalists have found to be effective against the headache, itchiness, & stuffiness caused by hay fever & other seasonal allergies.

Used as needed to control acute sinus symptoms, or use daily to prevent sinus attacks and improve the immune system. Use to prevent seasonal allergies or reduce the occurrence of year-round allergies

For more information on the herbs for nose and sinus health in Easy Breather, including indications, contraindications, and formula ingredients, please visit the instructions page of the Herbalogic Website.


Astragalus Root    Huang Qi / Atractylodes Rhizome    Bai Zhu / Xanthium Fruit    Cang Er Zi / Angelica Root    Bai Zhi Ledebouriella Root    Fang Feng  / Cicada Moulting    Chan Tui  / Mint    Bo He  / Trichosanthes Root    Tian Hua Fen  / Magnolia Flower    Xin Yi Hua / Sweetgum Fruit    Lu Lu Tong