Gaining Perspective

by Jeanine Adinaro on August 24, 2010

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Now that's a bad day

Back in my days of living the financial services life in Boston, I had a friend, Andy, who worked on the sales team for a computer security company. Think of the kind of security measures banks put in place to keep hackers from taking all their clients’ money with a few keystrokes.

One of Andy’s sales team cohorts, Joe, was a former FBI field agent. At one point the whole team was working to seal the deal with a really big client. They were almost done when a small snag threatened to undo the whole sale and consequently the entire sales team’s annual bonuses. Andy was pretty well losing his stuffing but Joe remained his typical collected, calm self.

Andy said, “Joe, how come you are always so calm? Why aren’t you freaking out now?”

Joe answered, “Andy, in the course of my previous career, I had a loaded gun held to my head by someone who seriously wanted me dead- on multiple occasions. Do you really think it’s going to freak me out if a contract is 30 minutes late getting signed?”

Andy confessed to me later that Joe’s answer provided some much needed perspective on the situation.

The classic Chinese herb formula, Xiao Yao San, on which we base our Decompress formula, is colloquially described as “good for stress.” People ask me how that’s possible, suggesting quite correctly, “Taking herbs can’t make stressful stuff stop happening.”

No doubt, neither Xiao Yao San nor its American cousin can stop stressful stuff from happening.Your boss will still be an ineffectual idiot who will continue to prove that 10 years of unprecedented low unemployment helped a lot of people get jobs they were not qualified for and a down economy is not so quick to fix that. Your spouse will continue to leave his/ her wet towel on the carpeted floor thereby promoting mold growth. And the airline will still find a way to send your luggage to Tahiti while you travel to Omaha.

What practitioners really mean when they say that Decompress is an “herb formula to combat stress” is that it helps your brain to keep perspective on the situation that is making you stressed. Yes, that flatty-pants may have cut you off on the highway while you were driving to work this morning, but he didn’t put a gun to your head intent to have your gray matter on the outside of your skull.

On the physical side of the equation, since your brain is more chill about life, those nagging symptoms that come up every time you get stressed- tight shoulders, teeth clenching, stress headaches, nervous gut, and so on- naturally resolve. Since you never get so wound up, your brain never sends neurotransmitters that signal, “Fight or flight!” to the rest of your body.

And for those of you aware of my current construction woes, yes, I am taking Decompress.

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