Jujube- Fun to Say and Good for You!

by Jeanine Adinaro on September 29, 2010

in Chinese Herbs

Dried jujube fruit at the herb market

It always makes me smile when modern scientific research confirms what the classic Chinese medicine texts reveal. I came across this study on the antioxidant effects of Zizyphus lotus L. (Desf.) on human T-cell proliferation. That’s a fancy way of saying they were studying how jujube fruit affects the human immune system.

Of particular note, the authors conclude:

To sum up, we can state that different aqueous extracts of Zizyphus lotus L. (Desf.) bear therapeutic potential as they possess antioxidant and immunosuppressive properties.

To the non-medical people out there, immunosuppressive might sound scary. But trust me, for those suffering immune-mediated diseases, which includes such a fine cast as auto-immune diseases, asthma and allergic diseases, immunosuppressive is a really good thing.

And on a personal note, to that rheumatologist out there who told my rheumatoid arthritis patient that the only reason Chinese herbs (in particular a formula where jujube is the largest ingredient by volume) would help her would be because of illegal steroids included in the formula, feel encouraged to find some jujube fruit and choke on it.

Photo by Gaël Chardon

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