“Mawwage is what bwings us togwether today….”

by Jeanine Adinaro on October 15, 2010

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We’ve been working on this one for a while

In my experience, almost every aspect of marriage is, um, challenging. It’s another $&#*ing opportunity for growth all around.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. Occasionally I get asked how it is that we continue to defy the odds, and I usually jump to a glib quotation from June Carter Cash and say, “Separate bathrooms.”* And while it is certainly true that not having to wash down the little stubble hairs my husband always seems to leave in the sink makes my morning a little smoother, really, it’s not as simple as that. I should probably say a lot of things about communication, mutual admiration, and the sharing of household chores. But I think ultimately it’s our commitment to a common goal that makes us work as a team instead of just two individuals who eat dinner together. Though I can’t say enough about how much better things go all around when we alternate who does the dishes after we eat.

And let there be no doubt, finding the right marriage partner was its own challenge. My grandmother used to say, “You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.” In my case, I think I just about kissed an entire rain forest of frogs before I found my prince. Just jumping in with the first frog rarely works out well for any of the parties above named, except maybe the divorce lawyers.

But when the big day came, and I finally got to announce in front of my friends and family, “Hey, this is the one who shares my dream! Together, there’s no stopping us,” it was a magical sort of thing. And there was cake. Events are always better with cake. Especially really yummy cake with a nice whip cream frosting and some fresh berries.

In a lot of ways, partnering up in business resembles marriage. If you’re lucky, you avoid frogs, you get to have a big announcement, maybe some cake, and then you see how it all works out. It takes a commitment to a common goal, that’s for sure.

Well, here it is, our big announcement- here at Third Coast Herb Company, Inc., after diligent searching through the rain forest, we have found our new partners in Far East Summit. Hence forth, Herbalogic brand drops will be manufactured at their facility in Dexter, Oregon. We are extremely excited by the their many years of experience, their state of the art manufacturing facility, and most of all, their shared commitment to providing the highest quality products American healthcare consumers need to develop confidence in the efficacy of traditional Chinese herbal therapy. Sadly, there seems to be no cake. I mean, I considered it, but the logistics of shipping it to all of you just seemed a bit much.

And to be clear, Herbalogic drops will continue to use the finest ingredients that our friends at Nuherbs have to offer. After all, they were the ones who set us up with Far East Summit originally.

Photo by Sailor Coruscant

* Despite my better efforts and some exhaustive interactions with Uncle Google, I am unable to find original reference to the esteemed Mrs. Cash saying that. Though I did manage to find references of other people remembering her saying that, so I don’t think it was all just in my head. But to any of you out there with great internet search mojo than I, please, send me a link.

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