Peak Power Is Cool

by Jeanine Adinaro on July 8, 2010

in Herbalogic in the News

Hey, they said it was cool, it's not just me bragging

Parent Wise: Austin featured a wonderfully favorable review of Peak Power in this month’s edition (it’s on page 12 if you are interested in reading the print edition). My personal favorite part of the review:

“Coffee was her trusty crutch, but not altogether reliable, what with the super-ups and super-downs. So when we foisted Herbalogic’s Peak Power: Energy and Performance Formula on her, she figured she’d give it a try. And lo and behold, within two days she reported that she had energy that was consistent, soothing and sustainable.”

While I certainly cannot condone any disparaging remarks about my personal drug of choice, as an over-worked, exhausted mom myself, all I have to say to Tester Mama Rachel, I hear ya sister and glad we could help.

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