Peak Power: Herbs for Energy

by the power of Gray Skull

by the power of Gray Skull

A blend of two safe and effective treatments used for generations to enhance the body’s natural stamina & promote higher levels of sustained energy.

This formula can promote recovery from the pressures of modern life. Used for fatigue, weakness, and low energy, it can also help athletes improve their endurance, especially at higher altitudes.

Peak Power may be used in cases of:

  • fatigue & weakness
  • general feeling of low energy
  • poor appetite or digestion due to fatigue

For more information on the herbs for energy in Peak Power, including indications, contraindications, and formula ingredients, please visit the Peak Power instructions page on the Herbalogic website.


Astragalus Root    Huang Qi / American Ginseng Root    Xi Yang Shen / Atractylodes Rhizome    Bai Zhu / Poria    Fu Ling / Honey-fried Licorice Root    Zhi Gan Cao / Chinese Angelica Root Head    Dang Gui Tou / White Peony Root    Bai Shao / Szechuan Lovage Root    Chuan Xiong / Fresh Rehmannia    Sheng Di Huang / Ophiopogon Tuber    Mai Men Dong / Jujube    Da Zao / Schisandra Fruit    Wu Wei Zi / Fresh Ginger Rhizome    Sheng Jiang