Pet Maggots, Really?

by Jeanine Adinaro on April 9, 2011

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I love Austin, Texas. Besides being the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world, the city seems to have an endless supply of programs that make me go, “hmmm… maybe I should do that.”

This morning at the farmer’s market I encountered the folks from Microbial Earth Farms. Aside from selling stuff that gardeners crave like soil amendments, they sell composting systems; including- wait for it- a black solider fly composting bin. They have a time-lapse video if you are really interested in watching maggots eat and¬†propagate. It’s a simple enough concept. Get some larvae, feed them kitchen scraps, get more larvae which you then harvest and feed to your backyard chickens, toss in your garden, spread on toast, or whatever strikes your fancy.

As whacky as all this sounds, it gets better! The city of Austin offers a rebate program on composting systems. In an effort to get folks to keep their kitchen scraps out of the landfills, the city will rebate 75% of the purchase price of a composting system.

Sadly, I am not personally eligible for this program as I am not a Solid Waste Services customer. But I find myself still considering purchasing one of these systems. I would collect up my precious pet maggots and give them to my friend’s chickens. My guess is that the little composters would love the leftover stuff that results from boiling up herbs.

photo by gruntzooki

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