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by Jeanine Adinaro on February 16, 2010

in Customer Testimonials

This testimonial came to me from the very lovely and talented Aurelia Rocha. She writes:

“My life, career, and my work is the Arts. As such, I have many demands placed upon me to teach, to research, to perform, and to keep my personal studio afloat. When you work in the Arts, you wear many hats. So I was very excited when Jeanine began her line of herbs. From what she had told me the different formulas could be used for a variety of situations and ailments and all of them were safe to use everyday with little or no side effects. So the first thing I tried was Decompress. While I did not notice any sudden changes, I did begin to notice that all of life’s little mishaps were easier to cope with. I was able to continue my day, craziness and all, with my sanity intact. Over time I tried several of the other formulas as well. Deep Sleeper I have found is excellent for performance anxiety, and does not disconnect me from the music, which is a common problem with taking beta-blockers. Other formulas that I have tried include, Easy Breather, which I found works well, even during cotton ginning time, and Back in Action which is a big help after a long run in the summer heat of west Texas.  I would highly recommend trying some of these formulas out, and

she uses Deep Sleeper to calm performance anxiety

she uses Deep Sleeper to calm performance anxiety

you may find that they work better than you may have expected.

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