The Great Spam-tastrify of 2009

by Jeanine Adinaro on December 6, 2009

in Updates

Damn it Jim, I’m an herbalist, not a web admin.

Oh wait, turns out that as fearless leader and would-be blogger, sometimes I have to try on other hats. Here’s the deal- I didn’t have the spam filters set correctly on the blog, but now I think perhaps I do. But the only way I could deal with the massive pile up of comments was a wholesale deletion. So for those of you who took the time to write real, thought provoking comments, I apologize. Please, please, don’t give up on us – post and post often. For those of you responsible for the spam, Levitra really isn’t my recreational drug of choice and I don’t read Russian. Thanks anyway, but no.

Also, I am officially soliciting testimonials. If you love Herbalogic concentrated drops, please, let us know!!

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