We aren’t just cool, we’re glossy!

by Jeanine Adinaro on May 7, 2010

in Herbalogic in the News

Featured on page 16, Herbalogic drops!

Featured on page 16, Herbalogic drops!

Having been living in the House of Plague since Monday, I’ve been a little out of it. So it was with a bit of confusion this morning that I found out the Austin American Statesman ran a piece about Herbalogic in the Glossy.

The conversation went something like this:

Rachel: Congratulations!! You look so awesome!

Me: Huh? What?

Rachel: In the Glossy!

Me: (briefly considering the possibility that the paparazzi had finally caught some photos of me in my glamorous double life) Huh? What?

Rachel: OMG- you have no idea do you? Herbalogic made it into the Glossy in the Statesman today.

Me: (slightly disappointed to realized that I do not in fact have a glamorous double life)  And that’s good, right?

Rachel: That’s amazing! The Glossy is very hip and very che’che’

Me: Hey, that is good!

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