What are you doing about the new cGMP requirements?

by Jeanine Adinaro on March 22, 2010

in General Health

In June 2007, the FDA published its current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines for dietary supplements. In my personal estimation, the FDA is not asking for anything unreasonable. Essentially, the guidelines are for safe, responsible manufacturing practices. The cGMP guidelines were in addition to the already existing labeling guidelines, which included such radical requirements as, if an ingredient is in the bottle, it needs to be listed on the label; conversely, if it’s listed on the label, it needs to be in the bottle.

And somehow, the cGMP rules have sparked a bit of hysteria within the acupuncture and Oriental medicine community. As we approach the last of the phase-in timeline (June 2010 is when everyone is required to follow cGMP rules) the hysteria has gotten particularly out of hand.

For our practitioner friends out there, I want to recommend this article by Eric Brand as a reasonable treatment of the topic.

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