What is the Root Cause?

by Jeanine Adinaro on October 13, 2011

in General Health

In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of time and talk is devoted to addressing the root cause of problems. When it comes to issues surrounding obesity in this country (and maybe elsewhere too — I don’t know, I’m just not plugged into other cultures in quite the same way), almost everyone misses the mark on addressing the root cause. But one thing is certain — *Spoiler alert* — the root cause is not a lack of diet aides nor societal pressure.

One of my favorite bloggers posted Obesity is Not the Problem today. In it she wrote one of the most succinct observations on the root cause, at least of this condition, I have ever read.

Body size is not a diagnosis and we need to stop acting as if we can look and someone and tell what they eat, what activity they do, and how healthy they are.  This tells fat people that healthy habits don’t matter unless those habits make us thin, and it tells thin people that healthy habits aren’t important unless they start to get fat.  Neither of these statements is anywhere close to true.

That about sums up my thoughts on the subject.

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