When Other People Notice….

by Jeanine Adinaro on January 5, 2010

in Decompress: Herbs for Stress

I’m not gonna sugar coat it here – the holidays were stressful. I forgot to pack my bottle of Decompress and thought, “I’ll be fine for a few days” (we were gone for 10), and I kinda turned into a major league bi-atch. We came home, I started taking Decompress again, I felt better.

Today my son and I had to drive back to our friends’ house to pick up my purse that I forgot last night. While there, we went outside, ran around with the two toddlers, started making plans for the garden project in the spring, and my friend said, “Wow – I don’t even recognize you. You’re all fun and happy. I really need to get a bottle of that stuff.”

Well you can’t have mine. But if you visit any of Herbalogic’s fine retailers, they will be happy to sell you some.

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